Thieves’ Kitchen have been releasing creative progressive music since 1999.

Based in both Oxfordshire (UK) and Stockholm (Sweden), the band have toured in the UK, the US, and Europe, and have released six critically acclaimed albums to date.

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New album Genius Loci now available for pre-order

Good news! Our newest creation, Genius Loci, is finally complete! Due to be released on 23 September 2019, CDs are available to pre-order now from The Merch Desk.

Genius Loci cover - 72ppi - 750px W

Invoking the same sense of musical adventure and intellectual curiosity as 2015’s release The Clockwork Universe, the band have turned their gaze from the stars to the earth, and to the intuitive human connection with the spaces we inhabit.

Genius Loci‘s five new songs are stories sprung from the world around us and the world within us. Over nearly an hour of music, the album takes inspiration from the genius loci, or ‘spirit of place’: the unique, defining nature of a point in space, and the essence of what makes a place speak to the human soul.

Head over to The Merch Desk to ensure that you receive your copy when the album is released on 23 September. And visit us here and on Facebook over the next few weeks to find out more about the album, the current line-up, and how we went about writing and recording the music.

Finally, our thanks to you for supporting Thieves’ Kitchen. We are so grateful that your support allows us to keep making the music we love.