For UK, worldwide and direct-from-band sales, buy your Thieves’ Kitchen albums, t-shirts and other goodies from the Goddess of Prog, Nellie, at The Merch Desk – fair trade, fast shipping and friendly service!

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We love physical media, but you might want to consider downloading your album (or individual tracks) – it’s cheaper, more portable and better for the planet! Get it direct from us via Bandcamp.

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You can get our 2015 album ‘The Clockwork Universe’ as an LP for the full amazing audiophile listening experience. You can also find our 2013 album ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’ in exquisite vinyl double-album format – get them from vinyl maestros Plane Groovy.

Consider supporting your local record store or online distributor. If they don’t stock it, ask them to contact Nellie at The Merch Desk to get some in!

For trade enquiries please contact The Merch Desk, or use our Contact page to get in touch.