Lift-off for ‘Genius Loci’!

Today’s the day! It’s launch day for our brand new album Genius Loci! We’re thrilled that we’ve already had some really lovely emails, messages and comments through our Facebook page from listeners who seem to be enjoying the album as much as we enjoyed making it.

We want to extend our thanks once again to our fantastic guest musicians, Anna Holmgren, Johan Brand and Paul Mallyon. We’re also enormously grateful to mastering maestro Rob Aubrey of Aubitt Studios – after more than a decade of working with him, we are still thoroughly impressed by his talents behind the sound desk.

Genius Loci is now available direct from The Merch Desk, and from international distributors. If your local record shop or favourite music vendor doesn’t have any in stock, ask them to contact Nellie at The Merch Desk to get some in!