Interviews, reviews, the social whirl…!


It’s been a busy few months for Thieves’ Kitchen since the release of the latest album, and we haven’t been around as much as we’d like, but we’re so pleased to see that our newest offering has been so well received. We’ve got some great reviews and interviews out there – do yourself a favour and visit these awesome websites, read about Thieves’ Kitchen, and explore the underappreciated world of creative and progressive music!

Firstly, we were interviewed for Quebec-based progressive radio station Profil. We also received a fantastic review from them, saying: “‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’ is an excellent introduction for those who do not know Thieves’ Kitchen.” Read the review (in French) here.

We also feature in the latest issue of online magazine Albion, who describe themselves as ‘exploring English identity and the highways and byways of English culture’. It was a refreshing experience for us to be interviewed for a non-music publication, and a real pleasure to meet James Turner of Albion. You can read his interview online here, about halfway down the page.

‘Arlequins’, the Italian progressive music website got in touch recently to let us know that they’d reviewed ‘One for Sorrow’, and what a wonderful review they’ve given us. Quoth they: “What we have in our hands is of undoubted quality, absolutely not to be underestimated.” Our thanks to them, and the review is available here (in Italian).

For reviews in languages other than English, French or Swedish, we often find ourselves resorting to the brilliant Google Translate to help us get the gist. Should you also find that your Italian is a bit ropey, or your schoolboy French not quite up to snuff, we can heartily recommend it!

Meanwhile earlier in the year, Phil, Thomas and I spent a very enjoyable few days in Stockholm with the musicians from Swedish band Änglagård, watching the fantastic inaugural show of their European tour and drinking possibly more coffee than is strictly healthy. It was great to see them in action once more, and to spend some time with flautist Anna Holmgren, who features on both ‘The Water Road’ and ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’. Do try to catch one of Änglagård’s shows if you can, it’s a real treat!

Until next time,

Amy xx