‘The Clockwork Universe’ premieres tonight on Gagliarchives

Our new album ‘The Clockwork Universe’ is premiering tonight on the Gagliarchives Radio Program, the world’s most listened to progressive rock radio program since 1991 both on the FM dial and the internet. Find out below how to tune in, and tell all your friends!

It’s a bit early in the morning (2:00am GMT) for those of us this side of the Atlantic, but you can hear it again on Tuesday 11:00am EDT (3:00pm GMT).

Gagliarchives Radio
From GAGLIARCHIVES:  The Gagliarchives Radio Program will be premiering the excellent forthcoming album from Thieves’ Kitchen titled The Clockwork Universe in the 2nd half of hour 2 of Program 1440. The program begins Saturday night at 10PM EDT (2AM GMT)

Here are the links and how to listen: Join us on our in-studio Ustream.tv channel at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gagliarchives If you’d like to listen online you can check out z889 website at http://z889.org/ & http://auralmoon.com or you can also check us out through the Tune In Radio app as well. You can listen through Windows Media at http://staff.bcc.edu/z889/stream/z889.asx Quicktime at http://staff.bcc.edu/z889/stream/z889.qtl and through Shoutcast at http://staff.bcc.edu/z889/stream/z889-stream.pls and through Aural Moon both live Saturday night and replayed Tuesday morning at 11AM at http://auralmoon.com/playlinks/auralmoon56kmp3.pls or locally in the Philadelphia/South Jersey/Jersey shore area at 88.9/95.1/100.7FM check us out at http://facebook.com/gagliarchives and http://gagliarchives.com