Great reviews start coming in for “One for Sorrow”

Wow! Reviews have started to come in for the band’s latest release, and already the album seems to be going down well! A 5 star review by Jim Lawson at Muzik Reviews describes ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’ as:

An album that has terrific examples of light and shade in the music with heavy riffs sitting easily next to gentle flute/acoustic guitar passages and maintaining the listener’s interest with sudden time changes. This is a great purchase for any prog fan and one that will not disappoint in any way.

Enthusiastic reviews at 4 and 4.5 stars on Progarchives, along with 23% of ratings at 5 stars show that ‘One for Sorrow’ has definitely started to make an impression. Elsewhere, a 4 star review on Amazon compares the band to National Health, and says:

The compositions have melody, purpose, and sound cohesive. The audio mix is stellar, it sounds natural without any over-processed junk many records today have. […] Overall, this is a great album that any music fan should open their ears to. For fans of this band or progressive music this is essential.

‘One for Sorrow’ has received some great compliments and airplay by Steve Davis, Ian Fairholm (Eppy Gibbon), Phil Meek at Radio Caroline, Rick Dashiell at Delicious Agony and Shaun Geraghty at Stafford Radio, among many others. Our thanks to all of them! We’re expecting more reviews and interviews to be available in the coming weeks. The band are hoping to keep track of reviews, interviews and airplay over at the Facebook page – let us know if you’ve spotted any we’ve missed!