Thomas Johnson interviewed by Paperlate Radio

Thomas Johnson at Spirit of 66, Verviers in 2008 with Thieves' KitchenLast Sunday, Thomas spoke to the Netherlands’ Paperlate Radio about being in Thieves’ Kitchen, the creation of ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’, and how he feels about the process of writing music 1000 miles away from his bandmates. You can listen again to the interview online at, aired between the Thieves’ Kitchen tracks ‘Deor’ and ‘The Weaver’. The interview appears in show 757 at the 35-minute mark, and you can see the running order at Paperlate’s website.

The show is mostly in Dutch, although Thomas’s interview (and the following interview with Greg Lake. Greg Lake!) are in English.

The band sends their thanks to Paperlate and their team for some great questions, and for their ongoing support for Thieves’ Kitchen. Thanks guys!